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Our Server Monitoring Features likes to satisfy you by its powerful features. Therefore, we have listed some of our features for you. You can also see what extra possibilities are only for premium members accessable. features at a glance

Feature Free Premium
with costs
5x secure: notifications by email, sms, telephone, messenger and twitter
ICQ & Yahoo Messenger notification
Twitter notification
 Graphical analysis of accessibility
now with uptime graphics for your website!
Free SMS alerts included in free membership
Our monitoring logs all failures and a PDF protocol is created for each one. You can retrieve the protocols for 30 days after each failure through our website.
Easy and fast registration and establishment of new server monitorings
Promote new members and earn free Premium Memberships
The following features are only reserved for premium customers.
 Livewatch API for managing your server!
 ICMP Ping test. Check your firewall as well!
 Integrate the Livewatch data in your own pages!
 Notificationsets to easily manage all your contacts!
 DNS Monitoring - make sure that your domain resolves to the correct IP.
 Call your own URLs / scripts in case of failure!
Develop your own scripts and check them!
Monitor your database connectivity!
Monitor certain key words on Google. If you lose your position on the page you will be informed.
Monitor offers from other vendors.
Flexible possibilities to monitor all services (eg. pop3, imap, database, etc.). Assistance with setup by the team.
Monitor any content. Stay informed when the content of a foreign site has changed!
Add own urls that we call also on a server failure.
Professional support.
Immediate activation of your premium account after the order (except pre payment)!
Check your server from 1x per minute - TOP prices for Premium members.

All of this is not enough? Sure, we even think so! We have listed only a fraction of what really is all about. Sign up for free and have a look on all the features Livewatch is providing.

Web site monitoring & Website availability monitoring - 100% secure with our Server-monitoring
Run your Website Monitoring with our Server Monitoring service. You will not regret it. Our Monitoring checks your site availability at regular intervals.